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Fehr C. Banana growing for export. Innovative approaches in production and marketing - the need for partnerships. PDF (642 kB)

Hartmann P. Africa’s move. PDF (1,353 kB)





Beed F. Oversight of strategy development. PDF (220 kB)

Harris S. Using bananas to raise East African small-holder farmer incomes. PDF (1,330 kB)

Kahangi E. The potential of tissue culture banana technology in Africa: anticipated limitations and constraints. PDF (5,628 kB)

Markham R. International Society for Horticultural Science. PDF (359 kB)

Njuguna MM and Wambugu FM. Socio-economic impact of tissue culture banana in Kenya through the whole value chain approach. PDF (393 kB)

Van Der Waal HW. Exporting bananas for improved livelihoods and social development: experiences and challenges from Latin America and Africa. PDF (923 kB)


Oral presentations


Akankwasa K, Mugisha J, Tushemereirwe W and Abele S. Consumer willingness to pay for introduced dessert bananas in Uganda. PDF (205 kB)

Anania G. A quantitative assessment of the effects on the banana market of the economic partnership agreements and the possible conclusions of on-going multilateral and regional trade negotiations. PDF (600 kB)

Ayinde OE and Adewumi MO. Analysis of consumer preference of banana in Kwara state, Nigeria. PDF (1,478 kB)

Baars E and Riediger A. Building the banana chain in Somalia: support to agricultural marketing services and access to markets (SAMSAM) experiences. PDF (827 kB)

Bagamba F, Burger K and Tushemereirwe W. Competitiveness of the banana sub-sector in Uganda. PDF (406 kB)

Berhe K, Puskur R, Teka W, Hoekstra D and Tegegne A. Innovation in banana value chain development in Metema district, Northwestern Ethiopia: IPMS experiences. PDF (612 kB)

Bifarin JO, Alimi T, Baruwa OI and Ajewole OC. Determinants of technical, allocative and economic efficiencies in plantain production industry in Ondo state, Nigeria. PDF (177 kB)

Birabwa R, Van Asten P, Alou IN and Taulya G. Got matooke for Christmas? PDF (640 kB)

Bouwmeester H, Legg C, Mwangi M, Nakato V, Abele S, Coyne D, Manyong VM and Sonder K. The potential benefits of GIS techniques in pest and disease control: an example based on a regional project in Central Africa. PDF (792 kB)

Bugaud C, Daribo MO, Rosalie E, Beauté MP, Hubert O, Dubois C, Brat P and Chillet M. A strategy to segment the European banana market: mountain label. PDF (5,477 kB)

Côte FX, Tomekpe K, Staver C, Depigny S, Lescot T and Markham R. Agroecological intensification in banana and plantain: approach to develop more sustainable cropping system. PDF (717 kB)

Dale J and Tushemereirwe W. Bananas: biofortification and disease control. PDF (3,176 kB)

De Beer Z and Sigawa A. Banana juice production in South Africa. PDF (3,983 kB)

Gacheri F. Market dynamics as a key factor influencing banana production. The case of Igoji division, Meru central district, Kenya. PDF (344 kB)

Getachew AW. Analysis of producers‘ bargaining power in farm-gate banana price negotiation under assymetric  information: evidences from southern Ethiopia. PDF (497 kB)

Hauser S and Coyne D. Nematode control on banana and plantain suckers (Musa spp.) through submergence in boiling water. PDF (653 kB)

Hauser S and Van Asten P. Methodological considerations on banana and plantain yield determinations. PDF (711 kB)

Hubert O, Chillet M, Juliannus P, Fils-Lycaon B and Mbeguie-Mbeguie D. Effect of mode of ripening on ethylene biosynthesis during ripening of one diploid banana fruit. PDF (394 kB)

Jain SM. In vitro culture and mutagenesis for banana improvement. PDF (1,670 kB)

Karamura D, Karamura E, Tushemereirwe W, Rubaihayo PR and Markham R. Chimerism and its implications to the conservation strategies of the East African highland bananas (Musa AAA- EA). PDF (590 kB)

Kiggundu A, Tushemereirwe W, Arinaitwe G, Talengera G, Namukwaya B, Changa CM, Lamwaka P, Fungo R and Mukiibi J. Novel biotechnological approaches for the improvement of East African highland banana productivity and utilization. PDF (795 kB)

Kikulwe E, Wesseler J and Falck-Zepeda J. Consumer perceptions towards introducing a genetically modified banana in Uganda. PDF (286 kB)

Kinyua H. Transformed banana value chain – Technoserve. PDF (1,344 kB)

Kouassi NK, Wendy M, Boonham N and Smith J. Development of a diagnostic protocol for cucumber mosaic virus for screening planting material in Côte d’Ivoire. PDF (911 kB)

Lefranc, LM, Lescot T, Staver C, Nkapnang I, Kwa M and Temple L. Macro-propagation as an innovative technology. Lessons and observations from projects in Cameroon. PDF (893 kB)

Lescot T and Ganry J. Plantain cultivation in Africa: production and research  in the past two decades. PDF (675 kB)

Loeillet D, Sanchez C and Imbert E. Banana: Africa obliged to innovate. PDF (649 kB)

Lorenzen J. Banana and plantain improvement in Africa: past and future. PDF (6,814 kB)

Malaisamy A. Supply chain management and public and private participation in banana in Tamil Nadu, India - status, problems and suitable policy measures. PDF (1,008 kB)

Mgenzi SRB, Mshaghuley IM, Staver C and Nkuba JM. Musa processing businesses and their support environment in Tanzania: its role in poverty alleviation to rural communities. PDF (251 kB)

Mowo JG, German LA, Kingamkono MN and Masuki KF. Tracking the spillover of introduced technologies: the case of improved banana germplasm in northeastern Tanzania. PDF (270 kB)

Mudyazvivi E. Business empowerment for smallholder farmers. The case of banana value chain development in Zimbabwe. PDF (639 kB)

Ng’ang’a J, Ringo D and Maguzu C. Turning unproductive waterways from drylands into banana fields. PDF (373 kB)

Ngambeki D, Nowakunda K and Tushemereirwe W. Assessing the extent of banana market distortions in Uganda. PDF (385 kB)

Ngoh GN, Moutome BN and Wounfack D. Overview of Musa processing businesses and their support environment in Cameroon. PDF (636 kB)

Ngoh, GN, Tomekpe K and Dhuique-Mayer C. Physico-chemical changes during early fruit development and ripening of three Musa cultivars grown in Cameroon. PDF (363 kB)

Ogunlade I and Coulibaly O. Use of partnership extension model to facilitate adoption of IITA plantain and banana-based technologies in Nigeria. PDF (101 kB)

Okoko ENK, Makini F, Kidula N, Wasilwa LA, Were K, Munyi D, Mwagi G, Karembu M, Cheruiyot A and Orang’i P. Diffusion of tissue culture banana technology to smallholder farmers in Kisii district through a micro-credit scheme. PDF (1,141 kB)

Onyango BE, Karamura D, Karamura E, Blomme G and Lusty C. Cooking quality and utilisation of bananas and plantains grown by farmer households in East Africa. PDF (1,159 kB)

Promyou S, Ketsa S and  Van Doorn WG. Cultivar difference in peel blackening of banana fruit during low temperature storage. PDF (6,668 kB)

Rishirumuhirwa T. Agrobiotec and clean planting material micro-propagation for improved banana production in Burundi. PDF (444 kB)

Smith A. Africa to play an increasing role in world trade. PDF (187 kB)

Smith A. The emergence of fair-trade in bananas. PDF (181 kB)

Smith J. Crop pest risk – my concern, my opportunity. PDF (1,057 kB)

Snowdon A. Carriage of bananas in refrigerated ships and containers: pre-shipment and shipboard factors influencing cargo out-turn condition. PDF (2,697 kB)

Sonder K. Bananas and climate change in Africa. PDF (611 kB)

Ssango F and Sabiiti J. Market-led banana technology adoption in Central and western districts of Uganda. PDF (971 kB)

Staver C, Junkin R, Flores W, Gonzales I, Akinyemi SOS, Ngoh G, Banda D, Byabachwezi M, Narayana CK, Masdek N and Arganosa A. Musa processing businesses: their contribution to rural development. PDF (2,523 kB)

Tomekpe K, Ngoh GN, Emaga TH and Kwa M. Banana and plantain research at CARBAP: evaluation and post-harvest research for development. PDF (759 kB)

Van Asten P, Florent D and Apio MS. Opportunities and constraints for dried dessert banana export in Uganda. PDF (621 kB)

Van Asten P, Wairegi L, Bagamba F and Drew C. Factors driving fertilizer adoption in banana systems in Uganda. PDF (631 kB)




Mukantwali C, Shingiro JB, Dusengemungu L, Vasanthakaalam H and Nkezabahizi D. Banana production, processing and marketing in Rwanda. PDF (112 kB)

Samarasinghe, WLG, Perera ALT and Wickramasinghe IP. Morphological and molecular characterization of Musa germplasm in Sri Lanka and selection of superior genotypes. JPEG (2,099 kB)


Cancelled presentations


Fakayode BS, Rahji MAY,  Ayinde O and Nnom GO. An economic assessment of plantain production in Rivers State, Nigeria. PDF (774 kB)




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